We believe that if the people we support do well, we will to.

Business Intelligence Theorems started back in 2009 to develop intellectual property focussed on improving the comprehension of complex information. Our primary goal back then was and remains to support the design and implementation of transformational solutions within complex environments. Hence, our recommendations are proven by a chain of reasoning; establishing the truth by means of accepted truths.

We believe that if the people we support do well, we will too. Our mission manifests this belief, to provide people with the opportunity to excel.

“The leaders we’ve supported have consistently thrived,
after a decade of delivery that’s no coincidence.”

Over the years we’ve supported entrepreneurs as well as large enterprises in industries ranging from financial, insurance, law and property to manufacturing. We’ve worked on high profile projects, industry first projects as well as projects that have just been fun.

Adopting a unique business model our capability and team continues to grow, led by our Principal Leadership Team who have an impressive track record, share ‘people’ values and essentially are thinkers as well as doers.

If you would like to know the specifics of customers and projects we’ve worked on, we’d be happy to tell you in person and even put you in touch with past and existing clients if it helps. In the meantime we wish you the best with your current and future endeavours.

Principal, Business Intelligence Theorems

“They were natural team builders when they worked with us on our projects. They not only provided world class consulting and exceeded all of our hopes and needs, while they assisted us, they naturally unified our team around common goals and objectives.”

CEO, US Non Profit

More Testimonials (source information available on request)



A proven leader and director of organisations specialising in digitisation, cyber-security, smart cities, smart payments and outsourcing, creating some of the most technological advanced solutions in its time. Andrew is the Managing Director of BreachAware, that helps organisations across the world mitigate cyber risks.

Loves: isles of scilly
Fears: falling off his bike
Hobby: cycling
Sport: tour of flanders
Treat: white chocolate


Dave’s background in robotics, plant control & cockpit canopies for the US Air Force provides a unique insight into analytics and delivery. With over 30 years of experience in delivering cutting-edge solutions whilst understanding the commercial impacts on delivery, Dave offers BITs un-surpassed experience and knowledge.

Loves: to succeed
Fears: the unknown
Hobby: running
Sport: rugby league
Treat: galaxy chocolate


David has travelled the world providing professional services across 14 countries focussing on financial services, logistical and business services as well as public services in the UK and Europe. As well as being a former PwC training consultant, David holds a MA (Hons) in Psychology from the University of Edinburgh.

Loves: family life
Fears: cakes with marzipan
Hobby: walking
Sport: rugby union
Treat: ‘outlander’


A seasoned digital creative with a proven track record of delivering innovative business solutions to a number of major global brands. His expertise spans brand, web and application development including social and advertising campaigns. Hiren is the Managing Partner of BITs Software based in California, USA.

Loves: time with friends and family
Fears: heights
Hobby: playing basketball
Sport: basketball
Treat: chicken wings


With experience in Canada and Europe, Indy is the go-to person for implementing best practices in IT tools, from e-commerce to mobile application development. Indy brings eight years of experience, expertise and technology leadership. Indy directs our technical operations team in Kerala, India.

Loves: puzzles
Fears: spaghetti code
Hobby: badminton
Sport: cricket
Treat: rice and indian curry


Ketan has over 20 successful years’ experience as a management professional and businessman. He has a strong track record of designing, delivering and leading solutions in complex and challenging situations for a variety of industries that have resulted in significant cost savings and growth for his clients. He is the founder of BITs.

Loves: a challenge
Fears: heights
Hobby: rugby union
Sport: formula one
Treat: pepsi max


Peter has over a decade of experience with making complex data straight forward to use. Experienced in big data, he focusses on solving the problem and then writing the code. Peter has a track record of delivering for major financial institutions and insurance companies.

Loves: the outdoors
Fears: himself
Hobby: hill walking
Sport: darts
Treat: the archers


Prashanti was part of the team that spearheaded successful schemes and programmes into local community groups across the UK as well as leading corporate engagement events in the charitable sector. For BITs, Prashanti provides essential support for our principal team.

Loves: life
Fears: not enough time
Hobby: arts and crafts
Sport: armchair
Treat: cornflakes with cream


Will has travelled to places like West Africa, Swiss Alps, Mount Toubkal and even 1500km (by bus) across Central America in search of learning the fine culinary arts. It’s the same tenacity of exploration that enables him to deliver results in the art of digital information research.

Loves: hip-hop
Fears: censorship by big tech
Hobby: travelling
Sport: snowboarding
Treat: hard tek